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What's Inside the OAFVC: The Food Processing Room

Posted by OAFVC on Feb 11, 2019 9:00:00 AM

A food processing room has everything your agri-food business needs to safely and efficiently get your products flying off the shelf this year.  Using a commercial kitchen’s food processing room is a great way to support local businesses while expanding your own.  

High Hygiene Happens in the OAFVC Food Processing Room

The OAFVC food processing room has everything you need to get your product through the processing stages and ready for sale. Consider all the possibilities for your business with  these features at your disposal: cold pressing, dehydrating, washing, slicing/dicing, peeling, shredding and centrifuge drying.

So Fresh and So Clean

The hygiene bath, a major component of food safety, uses Microkill - a bleach and alcohol-free cleaner that lets you soak and clean your produce with the environment in mind.

Self-loading produce baskets take your cleaned produce to the sorting table for your next process, ie. chopping or slicing and then packaging. Don’t worry about anything getting spoiled when you can maintain the temperatures you need to meet all food safety standards with adjustable controls in the OAFVC food processing room.

Time Is on Your Side

Save time in your processes by cleaning all your dishes in just a minute with the commercial dishwasher. The OAFVC high standards of cleaning - all appliances get disassembled once you are finished with them -  means you run a much lower risk of cross contamination when processing your products.  

Package Your Products

The OAFVC has several different options for you to package your prize products they way you need/want to. Some examples include:money-2159310_1920-1

  • Vacuum packaging

  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

  • Tamper-evident seals

  • Heat-sealed pouches

  • Corrugated casing

  • Coding and taping

  • Specialty printing for labels

  • Barcode/GSI printing

Use any of the above to meet your packaging standards and deliver your customers the best possible product.

Now that we have opened the doors on what happens with inside the food processing room of a commercial kitchen, you can see how saving your time and money occurs. If your interested in more of what goes on at the OAFVC, don’t stress over commitment. Use half or full-day rates to see which appliances and features are best for your business.

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