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What Commercial Kitchen Supplies Will You Need to Bring With You?

Posted by OAFVC on Aug 24, 2018 9:00:00 AM

You’ve made the big decision and decided to rent a commercial kitchen. But now that you’re taking your agri-food business to a commercial kitchen, do you know what supplies to bring with you on the rental day? Or what supplies you will need?

The short answer is: other than your raw materials, if you’re going to a good one: NOTHING. It should ALL be provided.

From receiving your fresh produce at our docks to putting the labels on the finished product, OAFVC has everything you need to support your food processing business. Just bring your food products ready for processing. Or simply package your whole foods.

Although the original concept for the OAFVC was geared towards the farming community, small- and medium-sized businesses are also welcome. Let us help you add value to your business with our business consulting services.

What Commercial Kitchen Supplies Does OAFVC Provide?


OAFVC staff members are qualified and available to help you process your food. And don’t worry about the hiring process; you simply pay for their labour as you need it.


Our processing and packaging services and all associated equipment are available to renters. Upon receiving of your request through the website, our staff will review your details and set up a meeting date to discuss your product and the process rooms you may want to use.

Safety Compliance

OAFVC will keep you informed of all current food safety standards and industry best practices. We will show you how to use the equipment safely and will provide any necessary protective gear.


Book a Risk-Free Trial

The half-day trial — included on our pricing list — is available at a reduced price for new users who would like to test the processing capabilities at the OAFVC. No commitment is required. This trial booking shows you how efficient your production output can be at the centre. The option to book a trial costs $150.00 and includes assistance from two staff members for the day of processing to ensure that the trial run goes smoothly.

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