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The Pros and Cons About Packaging Materials

Posted by OAFVC on Sep 17, 2018 9:00:00 AM

With everything in life there are pros and cons, except maybe chocolate cake — that would be all pro. However, there are pros and cons to food packaging. Your package is very often how your brand is identified in stores and farmers’ markets. Food packaging is really the only way you can ensure the food does not become contaminated. With proper packaging, you will extend the shelf life of your product while maintaining flavour and nutrients. How your product is packaged could also make or break a business.

3 Pros and Cons About Packaging Materials for Your Food Products

  1. Modified Atmosphere Package (MAP)

This extends the shelf life of your fresh food products by using a protective gas mix. The pros to using MAP include:

  • your product stays fresher longer
  • an extended shelf life
  • Keeping the nutrition and colour of food looking fresh, without the need for chemical preservatives or stabilizers

The cons to MAP include:

  • it requires a high level of quality assurance
  • it can be expensive to invest in your own equipment to create modified atmosphere packaging

But OAFVC has the equipment, training, and labour for all of your packaging requirements, including MAP. Plus, we also have the staff to ensure it is done right so that the quality of your food product is maintained.

2. Vacuum sealing

This is a way to package food by removing any oxygen from the package before sealing. Pros to vacuum sealing include:

  • protecting food from dehydration and freezer burn
  • maintaining the juices, moisture, and flavour of your product
  • keeping food safe from spoiling, bacterial build-up, or colour change
  • extending the life of your food when sealed correctly

The cons with vacuum sealing:

  • it’s only suitable for things that can be compressed with packaging; often, lumpy shapes can be quite difficult to label
  • it requires high quality assurance to check for leaks

At OAFVC, we have the space and the equipment you need to get your food products packaged right the first time and prevent any waste. Our staff can train you or you can hire our staff to do the packaging for you. By packaging your product at OAFVC, you can be assured that it is being done with within Canadian standards and regulations.

3. Glass packaging 

Glass packaging provides a clean and fresh look. The major pros of glass packaging include:

  • it maintains the purity of taste; that’s why most fine wines use glass bottles
  • glass can be easily branded
  • when sealed correctly, storing your product in glass jars minimizes the chance for cross-contamination
  • glass looks amazing

The cons of glass are:

  • it’s heavy and, obviously, breakable
  • because of the weight of glass, transporting can become more expensive

With storage facilities at OAFVC, you can save on transport. Store your product here, and when it is time, ship only what you need. OAFVC has all the storage you need, including dry storage with climate-control, cold storage with temperatures maintained between 38℉–42℉ (3℃–6℃) and freezers with temperatures maintained at 0℉ (–18℃).

OAFVC Has All of Your Equipment and Support Needs for Food Packaging

OAFVC was created to help support farmers and new foodie businesses launch their products at affordable prices. Let us help you launch and grow your food business. 

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