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Turn Your Food Passion Into Small-Batch Food Production

Posted by OAFVC on Jul 4, 2018 9:00:00 AM

You’ve established yourself as a local farmers’ market favourite. Now you’re ready to take the next step to a larger operation. You want to see the products from your small-batch food production business in local supermarkets. You’re passionate, motivated, and you have great ideas for business expansion. But your business can’t thrive on passion alone. 

Making the leap to a larger operation involves several practical problems — some you haven’t thought of yet and others you may not know the answers to.

To make more product you need more space and possibly a commercial kitchen. But how do you use the industrial equipment? Usually, you’d have to do extensive research and find locations that offer the services or sell the equipment you need. You also have to be trained on how to use the equipment. And once you start making more product you might need to hire more help. But can you afford it? And don’t forget: if you expand to small-batch food production you’ll also have to comply with Canadian food standards for processing, food packaging and labelling.

Take the Stress Out of Expanding Your Small Food Production Business


Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre (OAFVC) is a small-batch food processing facility that takes the stress out of expanding your small-batch food production business. Here’s how:

OAFVC staff members have expert knowledge to:

  • train you on how to use industrial equipment in the commercial kitchen, and
  • fill in as team members for your business so you don’t need to hire more staff

These benefits come at an affordable rate for your small agri-food business.

OAFVC can also help keep you in compliance with Canadian standards for food packaging and labelling by:

  • providing equipment and assistance for all types of food packaging
  • using an in-house graphic designer to design new or upload existing labels on your product
  • providing barcode printing so you can sell your product in stores
  • calculating and communicating ‘best before use’ dates
  • assuring Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

OAFVC can even provide free business consulting and marketing advice to help you navigate the industry as a newcomer. The experts at OAFVC can help you turn your passion into small food production success by helping you create business plans and find funding opportunities, and by provide marketing suggestions so that you’ll be able to better position your business in stores. Why not book a half-day trial (with 2 staff members) to get a feel for the facility and to see if OAFVC is the right fit for you?

Want to Take the Leap Into Agri-Food Entrepreneurship?

Download this infographic first, to learn what you need to take the leap from farmers’ market favourite to supermarket bestseller.

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