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Look Out for These Food Trends in 2019

Posted by OAFVC on Dec 12, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Where 2018 saw some a rise in gut-friendly beverages like kombucha and prettier-than-ever smoothie bowls, 2019 is set to take these food trends to the next level. If you have your own food production business or are considering how to start a food production business, you will want to know the global food trends coming in 2019 and apply them to your own natural food products.

Make Headlines With These Food Trends in 2019

Floral Flavours

You’ve heard about “farm-to-table” but how about “garden-to-table”? No longer just for aesthetic accent or garnish, flowers are being added to teas and drinks now more than ever. Think of the impact flavours like lavender or rose water can have in smoothies, sauces, jams, and, chutneys.

The Future is Fermented

2018’s rise in gut-friendly foods and beverages is set to captivate the food production market in 2019 with even more creations. Consider these 4 fermented super-stomach foods:

  1. Kimchi: this spicy Korean fermented cabbage is loaded with healthy probiotics and has over 200 variations. Korea’s national dish is seeing a rise in popularity worldwide and will continue to increase in popularity in 2019.

  2. Kefir: is a tangy fermented milk with kefir grains. Similar to yogurt, this Eastern European drink is packed with probiotics, minerals, vitamins, and is 99% lactose free.

  3. Sauerkraut: another gut-friendly fermented cabbage dish. Its origins are Chinese but it’s associated with German culture and can often be found as a topping on sausages or hotdogs. It is loaded with vitamin C and was actually used on boats in colonial times to prevent scurvy.

  4. Tempeh: an Indonesian fermented soybean meat substitute that is formed into a brick. Its mild flavour takes on the taste of what it is cooked with (think tempeh bacon) and is packed with protein, potassium, calcium, fibre, and iron. An added benefit to tempeh is its easy digestion for people struggling with plant-based high protein foods.

Hyperlocal Is the New Local

While local is considered to be within the same province or state, hyperlocal takes nearness to food much further. Gaining popularity in Britain and in the rest of the world, hyperlocal refers to menu or food items being sourced within walking distance of where they are being served. Sub-trends pushing this forward are hobbies like foraging for mushrooms in local forests.

When planning the way ahead for your small food production company, it’s vital to know what people are going to want in the months to come. Staying on top of global trends will keep your products appealing and fresh to customers.

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