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Is Your Business Ready for a Food Processing Rental Space?

Posted by OAFVC on Jan 4, 2019 9:00:00 AM

If you have a small food production business or even a simple passion for food, consider the benefits of a food processing rental space like the one at OAFVC.

3 Benefits of a Food Processing Rental Space for Your Food Passion

1. Flexibility

Your business may not require continued use of a food processing rental space, but at OAFVC, small-scale food processing is made easy with your best interests in mind. OAFVC is available for use when it suits you the most - this means no long-term commitments. You can use the facilities at OAFVC once a month or once a year; it’s up to you

2. Several Processes at Your Disposal

The high-hygiene kitchen at OAFVC has everything you need to slice, dice, wash, sort, sanitize, cook, ferment, store, and more. One versatile commercial kitchen can provide your food production company, no matter the size, with everything you need.

null3. Give It a Try

First-time users of the facilities at OAFVC are encouraged to have a trial run. Discover how much time and money you can save by using the food processing rental space once. As your business grows, OAFVC will facilitate that growth by providing the space you need for research and development - with no-commitment scheduling.

With these 3 benefits in mind, look no further than the food processing rental space at OAFVC for all your processing needs.

A Look into the Commercial Kitchen You Can Be Renting

Download this infographic to learn about what goes on inside a commercial kitchen:

  1. Find out about each piece of equipment
  2. Access commercial kitchen equipment training for you and your team
  3. Understand the benefits of using a commercial kitchen for local food production to meet your customers’ needs

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