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Improve Food Packaging Standards by Using a Commercial Kitchen

Posted by OAFVC on Jul 27, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Food packaging has many jobs.

 It must:

  • Keep food fresh
  • Protect food during transportation
  • Identify your food brand to anyone who sees the package

Food packaging must supply necessary information (eg. ingredients, calories) and meet all current legal requirements, but it should also be convenient, attractive, and cost-effective.

The design of food packaging is an industry unto itself; there’s so much work that goes into creating successful packaging. And we haven’t even talked about food preservation or shipping yet.

To help your products fly off the shelves, your packaging should be clear, simple and honest. Consider how it will look on the shelf and how you can adapt it when new products are added to the line. Be sure to also think about how practical your food packaging is, for the manufacturer (you), the retailer, and the consumer.


You also need to learn, and follow, federal and provincial packaging guidelines to be able to sell in Ontario and Canada. If you are selling your products at a farmers’ market, there may be additional farmers’ market rules.

With a graphic designer on staff and business coaching to provide insight into federal and provincial laws, food packaging at the OAFVC is stress-free because we have your back. Our on-site experts can also answer your questions about packaging in a commercial kitchen and how to improve your current packaging to reduce waste.

Get Trusted Guidance on Food Packaging from OAFVC

With OAFVC you will:

  • Get the truth about common food packaging myths
  • Learn the pros and cons of using various packaging materials
  • Use OAFVC’s labelling equipment, packaging development assistance, packaging and labelling services, all in one place and at an affordable price
  • Have other products, and packaging you need for your products, shipped directly to OAFVC’s commercial kitchen instead of having to move them yourself

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