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How to Use Industrial Equipment at OAFVC - Hint: No Experience Needed

Posted by OAFVC on Dec 21, 2018 9:00:00 AM

With no experience needed, you can go from zero to hero in no time using OAFVC’s commercial kitchen. True heroes know that the path to success comes through empowerment. The hero sets out in pursuit of a quest, just as you devote yourself to the journey of your food business. The hero is often accompanied by a group of loyal comrades. Let OAFVC’s professional experts be your sidekicks on the journey to help you plan, learn, and execute the skills you need to make your business grow. No need to bring anything with you.

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” – Michael John Bobak

Even if you’ve never used a commercial kitchen or any of the industrial equipment before, OAFVC can provide training. Get out of your comfort zone, embark on your quest, and let our commercial kitchen help start or expand your business.

Worried About Using Industrial Equipment?

Are you still trying to be all things to all people? It may feel like you need a lifetime of experience plus training in several different careers to run a successful food processing business. It’s okay to find out the answers from someone else or delegate a task. Learn to assess your skill set and find the right help to fill in the gaps.

Think You Don’t:


OAFVC Overcomes Your Roadblocks to Help You Expand Your Business

Large-Scale Food Processing Professionals On-site

Our expert professionals are on-site to help you with every step of your food processing business. Whether you’renull starting with target market research, experimenting with new product development, or growing your business with an expanded customer base, we can help.

Packaging and Labelling Equipment On-site

To help you brand your product and meet in-store guidelines, OAFVC provides industrial equipment for packaging and labelling on-site. We can assist with package development and graphic design. And let us help with nutritional facts tables, bar codes and GSI codes to get your products on store shelves quickly.

Production Staff Provide Additional Labour

You don’t have to know it all. We have experts on hand. Along with our specialized industrial equipment to meet your production needs, OAFVC has staff to help with equipment use and on-the-floor production. Instead of trying to find short term staff, just pay our staff and you don’t have to worry about the hiring process.

Specialized Equipment That’s Easy to Use

Don’t let the words “industrial equipment” intimidate you. Most of the equipment like convection ovens, tilting steam kettle, and skillet are easy to use. We’ll be happy to show you how, and you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Work on your own schedule. No commitment needed.

Equipment Is Cleaned for You

For sanitary and security reasons all industrial equipment is completely broken down and cleaned after each use. This means that the equipment is cleaned by people who know how to do it properly and up to standards every time. It also ensures that any product information or experiments are kept completely confidential. The next renter can’t ever walk in and see traces of your new product idea.

Ensuring You Meet Commercial Standards

Ensure your food products meet commercial standards with OAFVC’s high-hygiene production area. We can explain all industry regulations from health and safety protocols to packaging and labelling requirements and share best practices for how to meet and exceed these standards.

Grow Your Agri-Food Business Like a Hero

Put on your favourite cape (er…apron) and get ready to grow your agri-food business with OAFVC’s industrial equipment today.

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