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How to Sell Out at Your Local Farmers’ Market

Posted by OAFVC on Oct 24, 2018 9:00:00 AM

So, you’ve got a booth at your local farmers’ market, but your sales haven’t been as high as you’d like. Don’t worry, there are some quick, easy, and super-effective ways to increase your farmers' market sales.

Play Up the Local Farmers’ Market Theme

This is a local, grassroots venue, so continue the theme with your packaging and décor. Use twine, chalkboards, and paper wrap if possible (make sure you follow any food packaging guidelines though).

  • Keep it clean and minimal, but since you're at a local farmers’ market don't go for a look that’s too modern. (Think gingham and wagon wheels or a wooden sign with wildflowers.)
  • Create something that’s unique to your food business.
  • Use simple materials that fit with your brand to showcase and sell your amazing product.

Inbound Marketing Increases Your Product's Visibility

Increase your product’s visibility and stay top of mind with inbound marketing. In other words, use social media marketing (SMM) and blogging, to create a buzz about your product and expand your network. Since you have a temporary location (that potentially moves if you travel to various farmers’ markets), your store front is a bit different than a brick and mortar store. Establish your website, blog, and social media accounts as your storefront instead.

Display your website and social media handles at your local Farmers’ market booth to:

  • Share recipes
  • Post pictures
  • Advertise specials or seasonal products
  • Take orders
  • Tell followers when stock is low, or a product is sold out

Display Your Best Products Front and Centre

This might seem like common sense, but it’s important to remember that humans are visual creatures. Make your best-selling products easy to find and showcase one-offs or seasonal products to be sure they aren’t missed.

If you’re selling a product that requires special storage conditions, such as refrigeration, consider rotating the items. Avoid wilted produce by placing a couple of bunches on the table for display, while keeping the rest in your cooler. Switch them out every hour and they’ll always look fresh and appealing.

OAFVC has free business consulting to help you with these and many other cost-efficient ideas.

Incorporate These Ideas to Boost Your Food Business Plan

Be sure to add the local farmers’ market theme, inbound marketing methods, and product display strategies to your Business Plan. Use this Farmer’s Market Business Plan Checklist to see if there’s anything else you should include.

Farmers Market Business Plan Checklist 

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