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How to Save Money if You Think You Need New or Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Posted by OAFVC on Aug 27, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Purchasing commercial kitchen equipment is a huge decision. First, you must rent or own space to use and house the equipment in. Then, you must consider whether to buy new or used ones. There’s also the maintenance of that equipment, utilities for your space, plus wages for any staff you may already have or need to hire.

The Cost to Purchase Your Own Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Buying your own equipment can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars (used) to several thousand dollars (new) per item. To buy a commercial stove with ovens, commercial fridge and commercial freezer, could cost more than $30,000 just for those three items. A tilting kettle and tilting skillet could easily cost another $10,000 each.

Even if you were lucky enough to get each of those five items used, you would still likely pay at least $5,000. And that figure doesn’t include rent, mortgage, and utility costs for your kitchen location. A commercial kitchen space requires much larger square footage than a residential kitchen to accommodate the larger appliances and space for several people to work efficiently — so be prepared to shell out a few extra dollars for a space that you may not need to use everyday.

What’s the Price for Using OAFVC

Given these costs, you may wonder if your business can afford to use a commercial kitchen.

OAFVC helps ordinary people become successful food entrepreneurs with very little investment. Plus, no experience is needed for operating our machines: they are plug and play. This means you won’t have to wait to expand.

Even your farm-to-table restaurant can benefit from using a commercial kitchen. Imagine having a separate space to create new menu items.

Let’s say you use the fruit and veggie processing room for a full day once per month for one year.

That’s $240 (full day price) x 12 (months) = $2,880 (Plus HST & labour) per year

Let’s say your rent is $10 per square foot for a 2,000 square foot space. That’s $20,000 per year or approximately $1,667 per month in rent.

For the price of two months in your own space, you can access the OAFVC for a full year.

Or look at it this way, you could use the OAFVC commercial kitchen for up to 25 years for the cost of one year in your own commercial kitchen.

The rent or mortgage on your own commercial kitchen could cost up to $20,000 per year. The cost to use the OAFVC space could cost up to $2880 per year.

Purchasing your own commercial kitchen equipment could cost up to $50,000. But at OAFVC the cost of the equipment is included the in the half or full-day fee.

That means you could spend up to $70,000 to own your own commercial kitchen. Or spend $2880 to use OAFVC for one year. In other words, you could own your commercial kitchen for one year or use the OAFVC kitchen for up to 24 years!

OAFVC Commercial Kitchen Equipment

OAFVC provides equipment for the following processes:


Fruit/Vegetable Processing

Commercial Kitchen

Food Packaging

Food Storage

Washing, sanitizing

Conventional gas flame stove

Vacuum packaging

Climate-controlled dry storage (traceability system)

Centrifuge drying

Double-stacked convection ovens

MAP (Modified Atmospheric Packaging)

Cold storage — up to 30 pallets (maintained between 3oC/37.4oF and  6oC/42.8oF

Slicing, peeling, dicing, shredding

Large tilting kettle to cook

Tamper-evident seals

Freezer storage — up to 65 pallets (-18oC/-4oF)


Tilting skillet to steam or sauté

Heat-sealed pouches

Product Controlled Tempering Room — up to 12 pallets (can adjust from -18oC/-4oF to 21oC/69.8oF)

Cold Pressing

Flash freezer using liquid nitrogen

Corrugated cases & coding/taping


Liquid filling (pasteurization and cooling available)



Additional OAFVC Services

In Addition to our fully equipped commercial kitchen, the OAFVC also provides:

  • On-site training
  • Discrete staff who can help at all stagesnull
  • Packaging development assistance
  • Graphic design services
  • Packaging and labelling services
  • Product development lab
  • Business services
  • Conference room
  • Networking opportunities

Ready to Take a Peek Inside a Commercial Kitchen?

It’s time to start figuring out your own costs and compare them with the cost of using OAFVC.

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