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How to Keep Your Local Food Production, Local

Posted by OAFVC on Jun 29, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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You run a local food production business so you understand the value of the “Support Local” movement. Supporting local businesses puts money and jobs back into your community — and adds character. It also generates capital for more local businesses. If you’re interested in supporting local businesses with your small food production start-up, here are some tips.

How to Put the “Local” In Your Local Food Production

You’ll find many of the answers to the “How do I support local?” question in a commercial kitchen. So find out if there’s a commercial kitchen in your area, like Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre (OAFVC). OAFVC is a small-batch food processing and storage facility that supports agri-food businesses and helps them expand.

Commercial kitchens provide useful networking opportunities because you get to meet others in your agri-food community. The connections made at a facility like OAFVC can help you:

  • Source the ingredients for your products locally
  • Meet local investors with capital to launch a new line of products
  • Buy and support other agri-food products (you have to eat, too!)

In addition to providing opportunities for networking, OAFVC is also a safe space for you to conduct product testing. When clients use OAFVC, the space is their own and they don’t have to worry that competitors will get a peek at their business expansion ideas.

OAFVC keeps local ideas and businesses, local.

OAFVC even encourages clients to book a trial run to decide if the commercial kitchen is the right fit for them, provides free business consulting, and holds networking meet-and-greets to help you make local connections. Plus, It’s easily accessible off Highway 401.

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