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How OAFVC Provides Product Development Opportunities

Posted by OAFVC on Dec 31, 2018 9:00:00 AM

There are many ways to grow a business, but product development is especially risky. Developing new products requires a lot of time and money, but when it pays off, it keeps existing customers interested and attracts new customers too.

OAFVC aims to provide low-risk ways for food businesses to innovate and grow. For businesses who want to develop new food and beverage products, OAFVC offers free business consulting, as well as spaces and equipment at affordable rates.

How OAFVC Makes Product Development Easier

1) You Only Pay for What You Need

OAFVC has two rooms optimized for product development:

  • The commercial kitchen: controlled for temperature and humidity, it has all the room, counter space, and equipment you’ll need to experiment with new recipes and flavours.
  • The product development lab: great for establishing quality control, with the resources you need to ensure your products meet food safety requirements.

And to make product development easier, you don't need to follow a schedule to use the rooms. For both the commercial kitchen or product development lab, as long as it's not already booked you can use the space last minute.

The cost is reasonable, so you can spend more on developing new products instead.

2) We Provide the Equipment

To help you create new products, we have high-quality specialized equipment that may be out of reach for you to own, but available to use on-site at OAFVC.

You can find specialized appliances like:

  • Liquid nitrogen freezer (for flash freezing)
  • Cold pressor
  • Hops pelletizer

Our product development lab also has equipment for different types of testing, including:

  • Some forms of pathogen testing
  • pH and viscosity tests
  • Water testing

The OAFVC also samples and stores products at the facility until they are ready to be sent off-site for shelf-life testing.


 3) You Get Full Process Support, from Development to Marketing

OAFVC’s food technologists are available for consultation, whether it’s on-site or over the phone. Knowledgeable and trained, they can help you during the development process: whether it’s providing recommendations for food safety tests, or suggesting ways to improve the stability of a new recipe.

But development is only part of the process, so OAFVC has services in place to help you market your product too. Through OAFVC’s packaging and labelling services, we can help you develop packaging for extended shelf life, and design labels which adhere to Canadian food safety guidelines. By providing comprehensive support for the whole process, you can feel assured your new products are reaching customers.

Expand Your Business Efficiently

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