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How Does OAFVC Improve Supply Chain Management?

Posted by OAFVC on Dec 19, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Supply chain management refers to the coordination of all your activities related to filling client orders, from pre-production to delivery of the product. During this process, components of the product will change hands many times: from your suppliers to manufacturing, then to storage and shipping and, eventually, to the point of delivery and consumption.

“The supply chain stuff is really tricky.” – Elon Musk

Even experts can find supply chain management challenging! When implementing a supply chain management system, it is important to keep each stage as fast and cost-effective as possible. One way is to look for local supply chain partners to keep your food production local. The following activities can also help you improve efficiency.

6 Ways OAFVC Helps You with Supply Chain Management

1) Forecasting and Planning

Balancing supply and demand can be a challenge. Not only do you need to deal with the paperwork side of things, but when you finally get into the commercial kitchen, you’ve got to know what to make and how much. Being able to predict which products will sell in what quantities during various seasons is complicated, but OAFVC’s business consulting services can help.

2) Sourcing Raw Materials

As part of our commercial kitchen in Northumberland County, you’ll get access to our contacts in the food industry. OAFVC helps you source raw materials (that you don't already have) through network opportunities. We also host networking events, so you can build your own contact list.

3) Manufacturing (Processing)

OAFVC gives you a commercial kitchen space to manufacture or process the product. Renting our commercial kitchen allows you to use our facilities to fulfill large orders and process multiple products at the same time.


4) Storage and Delivery

With refrigerated, frozen, and dry storage, you can store your products at OAFVC until delivery to farmers’ markets or other retail locations. Having processing and storage facilities at the same site saves time and money, and it reduces the environmental impact to keep your agri-food business green.

5) Incorporating Customer Feedback

Using our vast experience with customer service, Northumberland County’s OAFVC can provide advice to improve liaison with clients. Unsure how to handle feedback? We can coach you through it.

6) Implementing Improvements

When you need to make improvements to your processes, whether from customer feedback or your own observations and experience, OAFVC is ready to provide guidance. Let us help you improve all your processes with our free business consulting services.

Rely on OAFVC for Supply Chain Management Success

OAFVC’s experts are happy to help you implement your supply chain management at all stages. Let us share our knowledge and experience to benefit your food business.

Keep Improving Your Food Production Process 

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