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How Culinary Classes Promote Your Brand

Posted by OAFVC on Sep 26, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Consumers love to get behind-the-scenes access to their favourite products. Today’s informed consumers want to know how things are made and to have the inside scoop on trade secrets. Why not teach a culinary class to give your fans a look at what it’s like to create the food they love so much?

Information is a valuable commodity — and one you can provide.

We’re not talking about giving away all your secrets. You don’t want your customers to start making your product at home because then they might not want to buy it from you. But you can teach a class how to use your product. For example, if you create a food sauce, develop and share recipes that include the sauce in your culinary class.

Think: Hot Sauce for All Occasions — a 4-part class, featuring your hot sauce in a dish for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and appetizers.

Your customers will soon be entertaining their friends and bragging about your delicious, versatile sauce.

Using OAFVC’s Commercial Kitchen Makes Culinary Classes Easy

We understand that it might put pressure on your business to hold a cooking class and keep up with regular production. OAFVC’s commercial kitchen provides the extra space you need. You can move your food production to OAFVC on the days you're holding your culinary classes.


To Help Facilitate Your Culinary Classes, OAFVC Can Provide:

  • Commercial kitchen space on the days you need it, so you can continue processing.

  • Additional staff to process at OAFVC so your staff can focus on teaching at your space.

  • Short-term storage of finished product(s) to free up more of your space for classes.

  • Business consulting to ensure you develop classes that appeal to your target audience.

  • Graphic design services to promote your culinary classes on packaging and social media.

Culinary classes can be a great way to expand your business and encourage repeat customers. It’s also a fun way to get involved with your community and let them get to know you.

“Hosting cooking classes, beer tastings, or anything that educates customers about your product is another great way to help the local community feel invested in your brand.” — Webstaurant Store

You don’t need a fancy education from Le Cordon Bleu. You just need to be able to entertain people, lead them through a few easy steps, and then let them enjoy the food they’ve created.

Wellness Chef and Healthy Eating Coach, Anne Haerle, shares her five biggest secrets for a successful cooking class, even if it’s your first time teaching one:

  1. Know your audience.
  2. Have a clear message.
  3. Be relatable.
  4. Be focused.
  5. Be prepared.

Take a Look at a Commercial Kitchen With Your Culinary Classes in Mind

Download our Commercial Kitchen Map

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