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Get Some Valentine’s Day Food Packaging Ideas

Posted by OAFVC on Feb 13, 2019 9:00:00 AM

It’s the season of romance again and you should be prepared for the usual red, white, and pink hearts for your Valentine’s Day food packaging. Sure, you can argue that the regular themes are a bit overused but they set the tone of the day and someone, somewhere once decided they should be associated with romance and going against that grain could be tricky. 

With $18.5 billion dollars being spent on Valentine’s day in America alone and the average consumer spending $130.21 - there’s room for your food production company to get a slice of the heart-shaped pie. 

You already know the food packaging must haves like ingredients, legal requirements and the important details like vibrancy and cost effectiveness; so apply these specific do’s and don’ts for the most romantic day of the year to turn romance into ROI.

The Do’s and Don’ts for Valentine’s Day Food Packaging


  1. Stick to the colour scheme. It’s hard to ignore the mainstay image cues and colours associated with Valentine’s Day: red, white, pink and of course, hearts galore. They denote the occasion, the emotions behind the gift and thus separate them from other products in your line. Use this traditional line up with your own unique spin to attract customers looking for special Valentine’s Day gifts this year.

  2. Patterns for profit. Did we mention hearts? Use them along with chevrons, polka dots and stripes to make your packaging pop and ensure it says to customers, “this is for Valentine’s Day!”

  3.  Make it pop! The traditional colours are going to be seen in every big box store so make your food packaging stand out with your own creative twist on the regular colours of the day. Try something all black with splashes of red and pink to get that more than just a second look from your customers. Black may seem like the opposite colour of the day but with romantic accents, your product will stand out amongst the others.
  4. Rustic is romantic. If your brand already has some rustic appeal to it, no need to get too fancy, extend the look to your food packaging strategy on Valentine’s Day. Think burlap, brown paper bags, boxes, or mason jars. Add some extra amor with red or pink ribbon, even a bow to complete the look.

  5. Don’t forget your product. Consider the option to add some seasonal flare to your product instead of packaging. If you are using glass or clear packaging, add some food dye to your goodies to make them pop if they aren’t already red or pink. Simply let the colours of the occasion speak for themselves when your product already looks the part. 


We only have one...

  1. Being conscience counts. An envelope bursting with heart-shaped confetti gets a short lived laugh but holds some accumulating problems for the environment. Align your all your Valentine’s day food packaging with its environmental impact in mind, this season and all year round. It’s a great way to show the earth some love and current and prospective customers will take note.

The OAFVC provides assistance with packaging and labelling regulations and the commercial kitchen to make it all happen in.

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