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Food Products You'd Be Surprised to Know Can Be Made in a Commercial Kitchen

Posted by OAFVC on Aug 13, 2018 9:00:00 AM

It’s amazing what you can find at a local farmers’ market. The creativity and the imagination of food entrepreneurs is fascinating. Food products range from the wildest barbecue sauces to every flavour of popcorn imaginable. The local food movement is wide open for business, and in a commercial kitchen, you can make just about anything.

At the Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre (OAFVC) one of our purposes is to help new foodie entrepreneurs launch their business. With the local food production business growing at light speed, why not try your idea?

At OAFVC you can let your imagination run wild. Services offered include:

  • a commercial kitchen
  • fruit and vegetable processing
  • food storage
  • packaging
  • specialty product processing
  • a product development lab
  • labelling services
  • business consulting

Innovative Food Products Found at OAFVC


One of the most popular machines at OAFVC is the popcorn machine. Who doesn’t love flavoured popcorn?! With a flavour for everyone, you can develop as many kinds as you want in the commercial kitchen. OAFVC’s kitchen is a food-safe environment that helps prevent cross contamination. Because of the high level of food safety in the kitchen, even vegan caramel corn is possible.


Got hops? OAFVC can help with that.

A hops pelletizer will help turn your hops into pellets that you can sell or use to make beer. Hops are rich in essential oils, act as a preservative and reduce sweetness, giving your beer a more balanced flavour. With the best machine on the market, OAFVC can process up to 650 lbs of pelletized hops per day.

Hops growers can do it all at OAFVC:

  • pelletize the hops
  • package the pellets
  • store the pellets


Ketchup anyone? If you haven’t had the opportunity to try artisan ketchup, you are missing out. Ketchups are now being made with all kinds of flavours and spices for every occasion. In the commercial kitchen at OAFVC, the large tilting kettle will let you steam ingredients to cook sauces, soups, gravies, stock or even ketchup — up to 60 gallons.

With an endless choice of options in the food product business — and the support for launching your passion at OAFVC — book a trial run in the commercial kitchen and test out that idea you’ve been thinking about.

And don’t miss downloading the “Only Business Plan You Need to Grow Your Farmer’s Market Business” checklist.

 Farmers Market Business Plan Checklist

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