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Food Packaging Trends in 2019 and Beyond

Posted by OAFVC on Dec 14, 2018 9:00:00 AM

You’re already up to date on the current trends that affect your food production business, so make sure that your packaging is also top of mind going into 2019. Here is what to expect with new trends and how they can appeal to your customers in 2019.

Get to Know These Food Packaging Trends for 2019


Consumers want to know every little detail they can about what they are buying and, ultimately, eating. Your potential customer also wants to be able to pronounce everything that makes up your jam, your salad in a jar, or your small-batch sauces. Communicate to your customers that you’ve removed (or never used) chemicals and preservatives in the name of freshness. If freshness is key in promoting your “meal in a jar,” know that 30% of consumers actually gauge a product’s freshness by looking at the product itself rather than simply by the product’s use by date. So when we talk about transparency, we don’t just mean in business packages but in your food packages as well.

Experience Branding

Sharing everything we do on social media has its effect on what your food production company is selling. You want more than a chic-looking product: you want it to look good on screen, and maybe in the foreground of a pastel-like sunset too. Take into account how sharable your final product is, once in the hands of your customers. A post on social media can depict a share-worthy experience and attract more people to your brand.


Environmental Impact

Where #green has dominated everything environmentally conscious in the past years, #sustainable is the future. Consider the impact of your food production packaging on the environment. For example, customers love the appeal of reusing a transparent mason jar in which their food was packaged. Called second life packaging, reusable packaging materials can easily be used for something else in your customers’ homes.

Reduce, reuse, recycle: don’t forget to tell your customers if it’s recycled glass you’re using. If you’re not using glass, think about biodegradable options for packaging. Single-use plastics pile up in landfills and waterways — and consumers are taking note and demanding more eco-friendly options.

Keep in mind these 3 key trends for food packaging in 2019 and you will provide customers with much more than a product — you’ll provide peace of mind and a sustainable and share-worthy experience.

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