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Expand Your Community Based Food Production Business on Your Terms

Posted by OAFVC on Dec 28, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Let’s be honest, when you’re running a community food production business the focus needs to be on day-to-day tasks - like expanding your consumer base and meeting large volumes of orders. But it does get hard to put a schedule in place, especially when it comes to finding a food processing facility to grow your business.

Most processing places require you to book in advance and commit to a set schedule. But OAFVC’s food processing facility, in Northumberland County lets you expand your business on your own terms.

How OAFVC Supports Community Based Food Production

OAFVC was founded to provide local farmers a space to turn their produce into products. With a range of commercial kitchen facilities at affordable rates, OAFVC provides local options for you to grow your community based food production businesses the way you need:

Reasonable Rental Rates

A non-profit municipal initiative, OAFVC offers affordable rental rates. Clients are encouraged to do a trial run in the commercial kitchen for a half day to test the kitchen and try any new products, recipes, and processes.

Time in Commercial Kitchen


Half day

$150 + any labour and HST*

Full day

$240 +any labour and HST*

* Prices are subject to change.


You Can Book Rooms Whenever You Need

If the room is available, you can book it on the fly. With no long-term contracts, our processing facilities are perfect for infrequent rentals.

Just check the online booking systems for each room below:

Clients can use the space once (maybe you’ve had a bumper crop this year) or as regularly as needed.

Improving Your Production Process

If you’re interested in other ways to grow your community food production business, download this FREE information on how OAFVC can help optimize your food production process.

Optimize Food Production Infographic

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