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Debunking More Food Processing Myths

Posted by OAFVC on Feb 20, 2019 9:00:00 AM

We have already talked about the myths involved in packaging materials but there still remains some clouded and inaccurate views about food processing industry. If you’re looking to start your own food business you will want to know the facts and truths, and not get caught up in silly food processing myths that could affect your business strategies.

3 Food Processing Myths You Should Stop Believing

1. What does “processed” even mean?

Processed foods aren’t as bad as everyone likes to think, especially when we understand the stages involved. For example, processed applies to anything that’s changed from its original state. So a peeled carrot or sliced apple is processed - who knew! You can learn more about processing and all it entails from industry experts at the Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre (OAFVC).

2. Processed foods aren’t made here in Canada.

This myth couldn’t be more wrong. Certain parts of the county have more of a specific resource in abundance.

  • Ontario has a lot of meat manufacturing.
  • The Maritime provinces deal with more seafood.
  • Ontario and Quebec alone make up the majority of the food processing industry with approximately 63% of sales.

It’s also crucial to shine a light on the fact that Canadian-processed food and beverages supplies 75% of all processed food and beverage in the country and exports to around 190 countries. Consider where your food business is located and what the most popular industries are around you. Maybe you have a processed produce product in Ontario where the agriculture industry is so prominent and resources like the OAFVC can assist you in your startup goals.


3. Food processing is a small industry

Wrong again. The food and beverage processing industry, in terms of value of production, is the largest manufacturing industry in Canada. It accounts for:

  1. 17% of total manufacturing shipments in the country.
  2. 2% or $92.9 billion of Canada’s GDP.

So if you’re a budding foodie looking to be a food entrepreneur, it’s crucial to know these are just myths and that there’s a lot of room for your business to succeed. Let the OAFVC connect you with more like minded food and beverage business owners through their networking events to learn more truths about your industry and more.

Hopefully you have a better, more enlightened view of what the food processing myths are and where the facts truly lie. It’s easy to believe a quick headline here or there, but the stats and contributions of the food and beverage processing industry are solid truths. Learn from these three myths and take this education to your employees, customers, and community.

Prepare For Your Food Processing Future

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