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Can My Small-Farm Food Production Business Afford a Commercial Kitchen

Posted by OAFVC on Jul 23, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Small businesses, especially small-farm food product businesses, have tight margins. Profit is not always consistent, making planning for the long term difficult. Without a consistent income, it can be hard to lock into long term space or equipment leases. 

Knowing how and when to make that decision can be daunting. Small-batch food production can also fluctuate because of seasons, weather, food shortages, an economic downturn, and for various other reasons. And committing to long term expenses before a business is ready, can make it or break it.

Finding an affordable option to grow your business is vital to success. A shared kitchen like Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre (OAFVC) will provide:

  • space to process larger orders in less time
  • facilities to meet bigger volume requests within time constraints
  • better understanding of food processing on a larger scale
  • training to help you meet Canadian food safety standards

How to Grow Your Small-Farm Food Production Business Without Overextending Your Budget

small-farm food productionOAFVC does not require long-term commitments. And you don’t need a concrete schedule to operate your small-farm food production business at OAFVC. You book when you need to test a product or if you have a bumper crop that needs processing. There are no obligations.

Experience first hand what OAFVC has to offer. It is important to come try the commercial kitchen at OAFVC and see if it’s right for your business needs. We encourage first time clients to book half a day and come test their new product, recipes and process.

Rates are for a full-day: $240 plus any labour and HST; half-day rate: $150 plus any labour and HST.

The benefits of working with OAFVC are numerous and include:

  • affordable rates for rental space
  • packaging options available on site, including labelling
  • storage options including cold and dry food storage
  • business consulting, to help you expand your business
  • food handler certified experts on site to guide you through meeting regulations and standards
  • opportunities to network with other food entrepreneurs

If you want to expand your small-farm food production business, call OAFVC today. Book that half-day and come see how we can help grow your business to the next level.

Growing any business comes with obstacles and obstacles are meant to be overcome.

Find out what other roadblocks are common with owning a small-farm food production business and how to deal with them.

Download this e-book to discover how OAFVC can help you overcome them.

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