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A Round Up of the Benefits of a Local Commercial Kitchen

Posted by OAFVC on Jan 2, 2019 9:00:00 AM

At any stage of your food production or farm-to-table business, a commercial kitchen is a helpful facility to consider. Whether you need to start filling larger orders or just begin production for your business, examine the following benefits of using a local commercial kitchen.

Elements of a Local Commercial Kitchen

A commercial kitchen has numerous stations and appliances to help streamline food processing in large batches. With the help of available OAFVC staff, foods can be canned, fermented, and dehydrated, and more. With a local commercial kitchen you can meet all required health and safety regulations, have high-quality commercial equipment at your disposal, process multiple products at the same time, or even perfect your own craft beer with a hops pelletizer.

Southeastern Ontario’s Commercial Kitchen Is Just What You Need

Located in Colborne, Ontario, OAFVC is ready to help a wide variety of businesses. If you are looking to start your own food production business, the OAFVC commercial kitchen is available for affordable rates. Labour is also available at affordable rates. Mid-level businesses can use both the packaging and labelling services as their customer bases increase. As established businesses continue to succeed with one product line, the commercial kitchen is the perfect launchpad for a new line extension or fully new product.

Start Your Food Production Business in Ontario

There are 3 attractive reasons to start a food production business in Ontario:

  1. The transportation infrastructure
  2. Highly skilled workforce
  3. Multicultural workforce

When your homemade jam or bbq sauce becomes a hit and you need to fill larger orders than before, a local commercial kitchen is the best place to take your business to the next level. Besides production, a commercial kitchen like OAFVC can provide you with business coaching, networking opportunities and more.

Slice and Dice Your Way into a Successful Food Business

If you are turning your food passion into a business, consider the facilities and tools needed for small-scale food processing and where they are available. A commercial kitchen like the one at OAFVC has everything you need for washing/sanitizing, slicing and dicing, cooking, cold-pressing, storing and fermenting. Don’t forget that OAFVC staff are always available to advise you on food safety, food handling, packaging and labelling requirements.

The Truth About Food Packaging

If you are looking to improve food packaging standards with a commercial kitchen, learn what the experts at OAFVC can do to help. Proper packaging improves your product’s freshness, protects it while being shipped, and identifies your brand to anyone seeing it. On-site professionals at OAFVC commercial kitchen are available to help you improve your current packaging standards with more efficient processes and less waste. They also help ensure your packaging meets legal requirements for Ontario and Canada.

OAFVC Is More Than Just a Commercial Kitchen

Outside of packaging and processing, OAFVC offers free business consulting for starting or growing your food business. OAFVC has expertise for different kinds of businesses.

When word of mouth is spreading the news quickly about products you sell at farmers’ markets, more orders need to be filled. OAFVC can help you understand what goes into growing your business and what’s involved in larger scale food production.


If you own an established food business or restaurant, or offer ready-made meals to customers, your schedule is probably already packed with prep and organization. Your location may not be big enough to handle all the types of machinery and sanitizing equipment needed to process, let alone to package. OAFVC has a large space, fully equipped, where it can all be completed.

Lastly, if you’re a farmer trying to keep up with the demand for your popular products while meeting all Canadian food safety standards, OAFVC can ease the difficulty of filling those higher volume orders on a schedule that’s convenient for you.

The professionals at OAFVC are ready to help you through all stages of your food production business. From information on machinery and types of storage, to processing, packaging and business consulting, they are experienced in what it takes to be successful.

Sign Up for Commercial Kitchen 101

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