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7 Low Investment Food Business Ideas to Help You Expand

Posted by OAFVC on Sep 12, 2018 9:00:00 AM

If you have an established food business but you’re worried it’s getting stagnant, here are some low cost ideas you can experiment with:

Food Business Ideas

1) Frozen Foods

When people think of frozen foods, it’s common to imagine soggy pizza, unappetizing microwave meals, or freezer-burnt peas. But with newer flash freezers, you can freeze foods fast to preserve quality, texture, and flavour — so you get fresher food with less preservatives. Appetizing frozen food is a convenient alternative for time-poor families, and its popularity is predicted to grow.

Vintage Pizza Pie Co started as a catering business making pizzas using the oven in their truck. Using OAFVC’s flash freezer and packaging facilities, they created a whole product line of frozen wood fired pizzas.

Pasta Tavola sells frozen handmade pasta, which cooks in less than 6 minutes and tastes delicious!

If you want to try flash freezing, OAFVC’s commercial kitchen is temperature controlled and has a liquid nitrogen freezer — perfect for developing your own frozen food line. The rates are more affordable than buying a flash freezer on your own:

  • $240 for a full day
  • $150 for a half day

2) Coffee

The popularity of coffee culture has led to coffee being used in new and creative ways. It’s been added to dark sauces, baked goods, chocolate, and even syrup.

You can use grounds, beans, or even coffee flavouring.

3) Juice

Juice up some fresh produce, and add it to your existing products to make some new flavours.

Mackinnon Brothers Brewing juiced organic beetroots using OAFVC’s cold pressor, to make their Red Fox Summer Ale.

Number E Teas used OAFVC’s cold press juicer to add cold pressed juice to tea, making sparkling teas.

A cold press juicer preserves more nutrients, and can juice everything from kale to nuts. And you don’t need perfect produce to make juice. Buy “ugly” produce from farmers, which would’ve been thrown out; not only is it cheaper, it also helps reduce unnecessary greenhouse emissions by keeping produce from rotting in a landfill.


4) Ice cream

You don’t need milk to make ice cream. Chimp Treats created Nicecream — dairy-free ice cream — by whipping frozen fruits in OAFVC’s commercial kitchen.

And the Ontario Water Buffalo Company diversified their product line to make buffalo milk gelato. Using OAFVC’s commercial kitchen, the Ontario Water Buffalo Company makes their gelato base in bulk, and stores it in batches in OAFVC’s blast freezer. Using their own gelato machine, they add different ingredients (like blackcurrants) to make new flavours.

You can even get creative and turn your cold pressed juice into popsicles.


5) Food truck

Food trucks are a portable way to showcase your food and drink products. Turn your new ice-cream flavours into a nostalgic ice-cream truck.

The Canadian Food Truck Festivals have 14 events across five locations throughout Ontario, and are a great way to try food trucks!

6) Specialty cakes

Bake some new flavours using different ingredients!

Popham Lane Farm made blackcurrant jam using OAFVC’s tilting kettles, and used the preserve to make blackcurrant cheesecakes, topped with blackcurrants!

Doo Doo’s bakery used OAFVC’s kitchen to make specialty tarts — just check out their Maple Whiskey tarts.

7) Baby food

Blend and puree fresh produce into baby food. If your produce is certifiably organic, you can even make organic baby food!

If you’re feeling creative, you can even add some mild spices to make baby food less bland.

Develop New Products Without the Risk

Expansion can be risky, so how do you expand without committing to expensive equipment and renovations? Try OAFVC’s commercial kitchen where you can use industrial equipment to create all these products and more! There’s no obligation, so you can test out new ideas and grow your own kitchen when you’re ready.

Download the map, to take a peek inside of OAFVC’s commercial kitchen.

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